Nexia International

Nexia International

Nexia International is a network of independent firms providing professional services in which we are integrated, and is one of the leading networks in the world. It is the 9th global network with more than 32,000 employees worldwide.

Nexia International is currently operating in 122 countries through its 653 offices, which ensures quality services anywhere in the planet. All this allows us to eliminate the complications and borders our customers find when operating in global markets.

All its members focus on their clients’ businesses. Nexia’s motto “Closer to you” is a clear reflection of its goal – standing next to their clients to accompany them to success.

The basis of Nexia’s success is to build relationships based on trust and quality among the different partners. This is done through a very active network that encourages close collaboration among the member firms, resulting in large-scale projects that are completed with high standards of quality and accuracy.

Another key pillar on which Nexia’s success is based is that of training among members. Annually, several congresses are held, where firms present different novelties in their countries, so we can all maintain a global vision of the needs in each territory.